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In 1973, thanks to the intuition of a great entrepreneur, Antonio Pelliccia, founded what today has become a reference company in the domestic market in mateteria thermoplastic molding for the production of toys. Over the years the company, through a gradual and inexorable growth in the manufacturing industry reached, constantly, all the targets set in the course of several years, from a company that had as its core business the production of plastic toys to a company that has opened its horizons even the marketing of toys aimed at all age groups. Today, after a long journey, and a natural need of generational change, it comes the Apel Plastik Ltd. which maintains the values, mission and vision transmitted by the previous management by engaging in a transformation that will make it more competitive and in step with the times. Constant investment in machinery and research and development, have led the company to be known and referred to as trading and production that caters to wholesalers, to medium and small distribution to retailers.

Why choose us?

Because even if we build dreams are accurate and reliable !

What do we give

We give you the chance to work with a reliable partner who knows the market for over thirty years in which it operates .


Make sure to join our efforts to create a winning team .

Meet our Team

Salvio Pelliccio

Overseas Sales Manager

Ph: 335 626 44 27
mail: estero@apelplastik

Teresa Pelliccio

Account Manager

Ph: 340 382 79 74
mail: ordini@apelplastik

Nando Pelliccio

Account Manager

Ph: 340 382 79 74
mail: ordini@apelplastik

Marcello Pelliccio

Head Account

Ph: 334 526 97 09
mail: amministrazione@apelplastik


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